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Cabot Learning Federation

BME Leadership development programme 2017

part of the NCTL’s Equality and Diversity in Leadership fund


Programme for registered participants:

  • Session 1 (27/03) - Equality & Diversity in Leadership: Context and Importance

     Natasha Williams, Assistant Principal, Bristol Metropolitan Ac

  • Session 2 (24/04) - Leadership & Facilitating Change

     Paulette Wisdom

  • Session 3 (18/05) - Building & Leading Effective Teams

     Paulette Wisdom

  • Session 4 (12/06) - Leadership Skills: Leading with moral purpose and emotional intelligence

     Paulette Wisdom

All sessions will take place at Bristol Metropolitan Academy, 4.00-5.30pm.

There will be additional opportunities including coaching, mentoring, networking, support for making successful applications and for interview/selection processes for leadership positions.


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