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One of the benefits of working as a federation is the wide range of professional development opportunities that we can create to serve the needs of as wide a range of staff as possible. All of our schools and academies have their own training plans appropriate to the needs of their own circumstances, but the CLF Institute has the capacity to take this further.

Licensed Provision courses

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The Improving Teaching Programme (TTP) and The Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP)

A new offer for colleagues who want to improve or refine their teaching. Designed by experienced and successful school leaders these highly effective programmes provides improving teachers a set of skills and strategies to reach the next teaching level. Based at Hanham Woods Academy there are limited places available for CLF staff.

This course is available at a special reduced rate for primary and secondary school teachers.

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For Cabot Learning Federation employees, as well as our bi-annual all staff conferences, we also run annual Emerging Middle Leader and Emerging Senior Leader courses.  If you would be interested in starting one of these courses please speak to your Principal/Line Manager or email

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