Leadership and management support

In the CLF we believe in developing and supporting leadership at every level through the yearly cycle of forums aimed at specific leadership groups.  For example:

  • Raising Attainment Leaders.  These are usually a member of the leadership team in each academy with responsibility for outcomes in Years 6 and 11
  • Subject Leaders
  • VP/AP
  • KS3 Leadership group

These are termly forums and enable the development and execution of strategy.

Principals have their own fortnightly forum to set the direction of the Trust, enabling networking and discussion.

We also have a strong network of SLEs (Specialist Leaders in Education) who are deployed internally within the Trust to support the development of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. 

In addition, we identify the potential of colleagues to develop their leadership in more formal ways through our Emerging Middle and Senior Leadership courses. To find out more about these courses click here.

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