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We seek to empower all colleagues so that they can ensure the best possible provision for our students.



Curriculum Curators have been identified across phases. These are the experts in each subject and phase who are evolving the curriculum over time. Our curriculum is the platform which allows all teachers to be the experts at delivery and assessment. Through our Pedagogy Forum, we are developing a framework for teaching based in our understanding of cognitive science.




To understand where our students are and what needs to happen next, we have a Trust wide standardisation, assessment and moderation cycle. This is through mock exams at the end of key stages and GCSE and within key stage assessment using a variety of formative and summative models.




To allow communities of practice to develop around these three key areas, we make use of a professional learning and development cycle including twice yearly conferences, subject and phase specific networking opportunities, to find out more click here. and leadership and management support to find out more click here.





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