The CLF Family

As a member of the CLF Initial Teacher Training programme you will be joining a family of people deeply committed to the future of young people in the South West.

The collaborative culture, which is the fundamental agent of accelerated improvement in the CLF, is able to exist because of the shared commitment of all involved.

Below are our Academies: (Click images to visit Academy websites)

Primary Academies

Welcome to Evergreen Primary Academy who have just joined our Federation.


BPA.fw.png FVA.fw.png HVA.fw.png
MPA.fw.png SA.fw.png WFA.fw.png

Secondary Academies

  BBA.fw.png BMA.fw.png
CAB.fw.png HWA.fw.png HPA.fw.png
JCA.fw.png KOA.fw.png DSSB.fw.png


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