The Training Programme

We are extremely proud of our training programme which has evolved year on year and continues to develop in order to provide the very best experience for our trainee teachers.

Below are just some of its benefits:


Authenticity - All programme elements are delivered by practicing teachers in a wide variety of school settings. Our school based programme enables us to involve pupils, teachers, support staff and leaders in the delivery of training activities.

Trainee centred - Everything we do is aimed at developing the very best trainee teachers. Trainee's differences are celebrated and the programme is differentiated to suit individual needs. 

Support - Trainees support starts immediately after confirmation of a training place and continues throughout the year, into the NQT year and beyond. Trainees are supported by a wide range of mentors, coaches, subject specialists and programme leaders.

Immersion - Trainees are immersed in all aspects of the teaching profession and gain experience in a wide range of educational settings. This immersion serves them well in terms of employability and readiness for the NQT year.

Innovation - We are proud to be a leading voice in Initial Teacher Training and within the wider educational landscape. Trainees feel confident that they are receiving the most up to date training available and the excitement of pushing boundaries.

Monitoring - Trainee progress is monitored systematically and accurately enabling us to provide the best support and enable trainees to make rapid progress.

Academic Rigour - Trainees are encouraged to become research driven practitioners through exposure to the past and current developments in education. Trainees graduate with a PGCE qualification with significant Masters credits.

Experience - We have a wealth of experience within the ITT team and within the wider CLF. It is this expertise that enables us to provide the very best training programme and deal effectively with emerging trainee needs.

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